As a leader in the not-for-profit sector, you are called on to make a difference - something that is unwritten in most job descriptions but central to the job. Mandates and mission statements promise a better sector, a better condition, a better society...even a better world.

The environment around you is shifting. Creating value and alignment on the ‘who, what and how’ is complex and challenging. It’s not an easy job, but you don’t mind because you believe in what you do.

We also believe in what you do and the essential work and value of the sector you represent.

The Portage Group is a consulting cooperative with a shared passion for helping organizations and their people along the various stages of their journey to mission accomplished.  We understand what it  means to accomplish extraordinary results. We have done it as organizational leaders and we have lived it as consultants helping hundreds of clients.

We help clients by:

  • Providing data that creates real understanding about its sector, environment and constituents;
  • Getting the right people at the right time in the right job, and providing support for them as they carry on important work;
  • Facilitating strategies that are transformative and supported by an implementation plan so that outcomes are achieved;
  • Shaping organizational structure and process so that form is aligned with function to enable real success;
  • Developing value-added and revenue-generating products for your members and stakeholders
  • Providing resources, information and tools that support a successful journey