Quality Research You Can Rely On!

At The Portage Group, we don’t just ‘say’ we do market research…we deliver quality data that gives you insight into the questions that really matter.  Our team consists of market research specialists who employ a variety of quantitative, qualitative and secondary research techniques to meet your needs.  Whether you need just the facts or a deeper level of understanding, The Portage Group can deliver.  Our team of market research professionals has conducted over 200 projects for associations and other not-for-profits. We provide clients with thoughtful design, careful analysis and actionable insights they simply won’t get by working with another consultant or by doing it themselves.   

Our Research Products


Industry Benchmarking

Environmental Analysis

Member and Stakeholder Research

Industry Trends

Economic Impact


Member Needs & Satisfaction

Member Engagement

Big Data Analysis

Database Cleansing and Analysis

Best Practices

Electronic Voting

Service Performance


Compensation & Benefits

Competitive Profiling and Positioning

Operational and Financial Benchmarking

Sector or Profession Profiling

End-User/Consumer Behaviour & Profiling

Profession or Sector/Industry ‘Pulse’