You know that to make headway on your goals and strategy, people and processes need to sync. As someone who makes many important decisions on a daily basis, you also understand how invaluable it is to have timely and reliable information at your fingertips.

We can help! The Portage Group offers information-driven planning, advisory and implementation support across multiple integrated service areas:


Member and market research is about far more than just surveys, crosstabs and PowerPoint charts.  Sometimes you need more than just the facts, you need to know what they mean. A strong research program can radically improve your organizational effectiveness, increase member satisfaction and engagement, generate revenue and help position the organization and its constituents for the future.  Whether you just need the facts or a deeper understanding, The Portage Group can help your organization:

  • Make better decisions informed by stakeholder feedback and sector data
  • Really understand the needs and priorities of your end-users
  • Segment you members to tailor your service delivery to their specific needs
  • Use your existing member management system data to understand how members interact and to create real time performance metrics
  • Show how you compare against other organizations
  • Add stakeholder value with timely data to help end-users succeed in their industry, profession or daily lives
  • Raise your profile with government, media and public stakeholders as the ‘go-to’ source for information about your environment and constituents
  • Better understand the competitive and situational environment in which you operate
  • Generate revenue with saleable research products



A targeted and results-driven strategy and implementation plan is critical if you are going to carry out your mandate. The Portage Group’s strategy team has the experience and knowledge to help you get past ‘predictable’ with new and innovative planning tools and techniques. Let us help you develop an actionable and goal-oriented strategy that:

  • Gets feedback that generates new ways of thinking and fresh ideas
  • Aligns decision-making and sets priorities
  • Gets key stakeholders on the same page where the organization is headed and how it is going to get there
  • Engages staff, volunteers, members and other key stakeholders in the decision-making process
  • Drives implementation through accountability, goal-setting and ongoing success measurement


Search and Human Resources

Being an association, charity or public sector leader is not easy. Finding, keeping and motivating the people with the right balance of skills and experience to carry out your organization’s mandate can be even more challenging.  Whether you are looking for new staff leadership, established performers to lead management functions such as government relations, education, or operations, one-on-one coaching or require an audit of your organization’s human resources, the Portage Group’s unparalleled search and HR expertise can help you make sure your team is working to its full potential!


Organizational Performance

Success can be serendipitous, but it is rarely the case.  Much more often, it follows some rigorous planning and execution.  It can be difficult to carry out this work, however, if your organization’s structure, people, processes or culture aren’t aligned and functioning to their full potential.  The Portage Group can help optimize your association, charity or public sector organization’s performance with the development of measurable solutions - solutions driven by your staff’s hands-on involvement and supported with necessary input from governors, board members, and key influencers.