Enabling Action through Organizational Excellence

The Portage Group is uniquely positioned to provide your association, charity or public sector organization with development support that is both comprehensive and versatile. Our team is driven by industry experts with many years’ experience leading and advising leading organizations through change and guiding them on their path to organizational excellence.

Our Organizational Performance Services:


Organizational Performance and Development Consulting:  Our team can help your organization identify and leverage areas of strength, discover barriers to success, and build measurable solutions that can be implemented and sustained over time with a thorough evaluation of key elements such as:

  • organization structure effectiveness;
  • levels of functional or departmental integration;
  • executive team functioning;  
  • key position contribution; and,
  • succession planning effectiveness

Facilitation: We provide exceptional facilitation services in this area that include:

  • planning sessions;
  • executive team scenario planning;
  • team effectiveness evaluations;
  • focus groups for issue/opinion sensing; and,
  • solution-focused forums among components and team members

Change Management: We offer invaluable support during a period of organizational change with services that include:

  • leadership coaching;
  • on-boarding;
  • implementation and communications planning; and,
  • one-on-one or group coaching